Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Allow Me To Introduce, Sebastian, The Horribly Misinformed Crab

Remember The Little Mermaid?  How could you not?  It was only one for the most influential animated movies of all time.
Well, the other day my wife told me a story about one of her little Korean students who was meandering about the classroom, singing “Wonder the sea!  Wonder the Sea!”
Not only did he not have the lyrics right, he was only singing that line.  She began to sing the rest of the song, and he stopped and stared at her as if she were reciting Shakespear in Klingon.  After she awkwardly stopped singing, he started right back up, “Wonder the Sea…” As if that were all there was to the song!  As if the entire lyrical structure of the song was comprised of the phrase “Wonder the sea.”
Needless to say, after this story, I had the song stuck in my head.  I began to sing it to myself
“the newt play the flute, the carp play the harp, the plaice play the ba--”
Then it hit me —
I was sure of it.  I looked it up on Wikipedia, just to be positive, and sure enough, there is was — Carp are freshwater fish.  There are no carp UNDER THE SEA.
I decided to go ahead and research the other fish mentioned in that song, and you know what?
Four of the fish Sebastian refers to in that song are not found under the sea.  I was incredulous.
For your reference they are the newt (flute), the carp (harp), the trout (rockin out) and the blackfish (lead singer).
So, allow me to introduce you to Sebastian, the horribly misinformed (however musically talented) crab.

***This post was written two years ago, and has been edited slightly. You can see the original post here.

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