Thursday, August 25, 2011

From Bodega to Baemi

A little over two years ago, I wrote a blog about nostalgia, remembering our home in NorCal.  We had a beautiful apartment and lived a blissful year in our first home. However, in God's providence, we were moved from Northern California to South Korea. In the beginning it was easy to remember. This is was I wrote:
Today is June 18th, 2009.  One year ago today, I was still living in Rohnert Park, California.  A place I still consider home.  There are still days I wake up, and believe that if only there were roads that could carry me, that I would find our old apartment “The Treehouse” intact and exactly the same as when we left it.  Though it was I who dismantled her, I who sold the furniture I treasured to complete strangers, it is still all too easy to imagine the red rug, covered in bunny fur, the Van Gogh print on the back patio, Ferial’s easel in the Cuarto Del Artes, the vinyl hanging shelves in the entryway closet, the paper lamps from Ikea, and all the things that made it home.  Our home.
This morning, as I sit at my office PC, listening to Jack’s Mannequin (a very Californian band), sipping a cup of Maxim instant coffee (a very Korean brand), I can’t help but imagine myself, there in The Treehouse.  I would wake up early, brew a pot of coffee, share a cup with my neighbor Jordan while Ferial slept in a little.  After reading my Bible on the back patio, I would make breakfast for Ferial and wake her up to the smell of bacon and bagels.  After breakfast, we’d invite a few friends and take a trip to the beach.  A glorious day at Bodega.  A warm breeze, bright sun and big waves.  We would lounge on blankets eating apples and Kettle Chips, and we’d make sand castles with driftwood walls…
I’m homesick today.  However, it’s not the painful kind that I’ve been used to getting every couple of weeks this year.  It’s just nostalgic rememberings.  A sort of mental tribute.  Perhaps it’s a prayer.  Thankfulness for the times we had.  That glorious year in Northern California.
Perhaps in a couple of years I will look back on my time here in Pyeongtaek with a similar fondness and day-dream of walking through my village on a bright summer morning, going into the office and sitting at my desk with a cup of Maxim, reading the news of a country I’m apart from and remembering.
Perhaps I’m healing.

Well, today is August 26, 2011. One year ago today, I was here, in Pyeongtaek, the place I consider home. I woke in the same bed as I did today, kissed my wife, pet my cat and said good-bye to some dear dear friends. One year ago today, Luke and Shelby left the peninsula and there's been a hole in our lives since.

I am so thankful for the place we now call home. I still remember the Treehouse. I still think of it fondly...not so often, though. I don't go through pangs of remembrance. I don't miss it painfully. In many ways it was a fairy tale, and God has shown us that in him, we live happily forever after.

This morning, I'm sitting in my living room, listening to the cicadas scream, the traffic roar and the shower spray. I've got a perfectly pressed cup of coffee at hand and breakfast in my belly. I am content. God has given us a life here that I couldn't have imagined possible while living in the Treehouse.

Fall is fast approaching. The summer swelter is starting to pass, and I couldn't be more excited. Fall brings with it our 4th year in Korea...and I believe it will be our last. Perhaps in a couple of years, I will read over this and laugh...because from where we sit, it's usually impossible to predict where God will take us.

Perhaps I'm learning to trust.

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