Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mrs. Field

Before we started going to Mission Baptist Church, we knew very few foreigners in Pyeongtaek...and to be completely honest, we made it a bit of a point to avoid military personnel (that's a topic for another blog; let's just say we had an unfair prejudice that God has since healed us of). So, access to western goods that couldn't be found at Lotte Mart or Kim's Club wasn't something that came very easily.  Sure, we knew of the black gray market shops in Songtan and Itaewon, but paying $8 for a bag of Doritos...I've rarely been that desperate. 

Over the last year, though, Lotte Mart has begun to see a few more western goods on it's shelves. From Kettle Chips to Johnsonville Brats, to Multi-Grain Cheerios, it's becoming more and more common to see familiar faces at the grocery store.  

However, a couple of years ago, we stumbled upon the sweetest little old lady at Lotte Mart, and for a short time, she changed our lives.  I can't rightly say if this change was for the better, or not...but I blogged about it, on my old Tumbl-blog

What? You'd like to read that post?  OK.  Here's the story of my fortunate encounter with Mrs. Field.

Mrs. Field has become a good friend to me.  Last week we found her individually wrapped discs of deliciousness on an end cap at the new Lotte Mart.  Since then we have bought more chocolate chip cookies than I am comfortable telling you about.  They are wonderful.

Korea is in love with the bakery.  There are 3 or 4 major brand names, associated with bread, cake and pastries of all sorts and sizes.  Some of the things at thses bakeries are excellent.
The cookie, however, has been found wanting.  Cookies here are always hard, like tea biscuits or biscotti, and they’re often too sweet.
Mrs. Field has saved us all.  Last night, I poured myself a glass of milk and enjoyed a big chewy chocolate chip cookie.
All you who look upon this blog, know my joy, and in that knowledge despair.

Or go to Lotte Mart and buy a cookie.

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