Saturday, September 24, 2011

Who Do I Worship?

A while back I had this really cool schedule at work.  Every Monday and Wednesday, I got an hour and a half break for lunch, and since I live right across the street from where I work, I went home for lunch.  I  decided, that whenever possible, I’d fill this time purposefully.  One day, as I munched on a cranberry and chipotle chicken salad sandwich, I watched a sermon by Mark Driscoll, pastor of Mars Hill Church.  It was more of a lecture than a sermon.  It was from his series on exchanging “the truth and the lie” (see Romans 1:25).  This session was about exchanging the truth and the lie, in worship, that is, in what or who we worship.  
I won’t summarize the entire thing.  However, he asserts that celebrity culture is an idolatrous religion.  The celebrities themselves are the gods.  The magazines and tabloids are gospel tracts and unholy scriptures.  The way we (our culture and as individuals) attempt to emulate their dress, behaviors and lifestyles is an act of worship.  
I was totally tracking with him.  I felt not that he was trying to convince me, but that I was on his team.  I’ve long ago left the cult of celebrity behind.  I don’t know what Branjelina is up to…I haven’t heard the newest Lady Gaga single…I couldn’t pick out a K$sha song if I heard one…I have no idea what Tiger Blood is, or whether or not Charlie Sheen has spontaneously combusted yet…
No, this lecture wasn’t really challenging for me…
Until I caught my mind wandering.  
Before I snapped my attention back onto what Driscoll was saying, I took a second to notice what I was thinking about.  
Do you want me to tell you what it shwas?  Ok, baby.  
I was thinking about the way Mark Driscoll was dressed.  He dresses fairly simply.  He’s usually in some kind of long-sleeved, button-down, western-style shirt, either plaid or solidly colored.  Then he rolls the sleeves up about one quarter of the way, and attaches a large leather arm-band / watch to his wrist.  At the time my mind was wandering, I was considering rolling up my sleeves, going into my bedroom and putting on my leather arm-band watch…
Here he is lecturing/preaching on mirroring celebrities as a form of idol worship, and I am sub-consciously mirroring him
Then it hit me.  I do this all the time!  I don’t mimic Brad Pitt, Michael Sorrentino or Conan O’brian, because those aren’t the guys I look up to or want to be like.  However, I do mimic / mirror the dress, lifestyle and behavior of people to whom I do look up!  
So, here’s a short list of people whom I am tempted to idolize:
  • Mark Driscoll
  • Francis Chan
  • Donald Miller
  • Jon Foreman
  • Reese Roper
  • Michael Gungor or any of his bandmates
  • Jason Upton
Now, Driscoll asserts that there is a difference between idol-worship and having a role-model, and even cites scripture that tells us to imitate the behavior of holy men and women.  
However, I doubt that those verses mentioned anything about leather watches.


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