Saturday, October 1, 2011

My Last Meal

Capital punishment has been in the news quite a bit lately. 
I don't know the whole story, but I know that there was a man in Georgia who was executed this last week for a crime he may or may not have committed...I read that the evidence against him was questionable at best, and that many primary witnesses from the original trial had changed their tunes.  
Also, in Texas (the state which last year executed more than 5 times any other state in the US), they have decided to stop giving death row inmates the traditional "last meal." I guess with all those executions filet mignon and lobster tail were getting a little spendy. 
So, I was laying in bed recently, while my wife was out running, and I suddenly had a morbid thought:
If I were on Death Row (not the record company), what would I choose as my last meal?  
As I pondered this hypothetical situation, I first needed a back story.  
You see, I’m not a violent person. Philosophically speaking, I’m a pacifist. I say philosophically, because I’ve never been in a position in which I needed to be anything but a pacifist. I’ve never been on the receiving end of a home-invasion. I’ve never been witness to violent crime against someone who needed defending. I’ve never been a citizen of a country under attack. If push were to come to shove, I can’t say how I’d react. It could very well be that, if my wife were being threatened, I’d fly into a blind rage, attempting to vindicate, defend and protect her…at any cost.
That’s it, though. If I were on death row (not Dr. Dre’s version) for any other reason besides religious persecution, it would be for killing someone who tried to hurt my wife; someone who took my love.  
[I told you this was a bit morbid…I’m trying to keep it whimsical, though]
So, my last meal must fit into this situation.  Also, it must fit my unique and quirky personality.  
Then, here it is - the menu for my last meal:
  • Chipotle chili-rubbed, pan-seared Alaskan salmon, drizzled in a balsalmic reduction
  • A coupling of oven-roasted asparagus and brocolini, lightly tossed in olive oil
  • Roast garlic and wild-mushroom couscous  
  • For dessert: fresh crème brûlée, with a caramel macchiato.
All of these things have been special dishes for Ferial and I.
And so, if I am to die on death row (not at the hands of Snoop), may it be said that I…
a) loved my wife
b) had excellent taste in food

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