Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What I Learned Not Eating

I've been sick for a while now. Easily over a month. I was diagnosed with ulcers affecting "the entire geography" of my esophagus, caused and complicated by grade-D acid re-flux disease. All of this was brought to light by a little thing I like to call a Nasty-Horrible-Intestinal-Infection-Acquired-From-Under-Cooked-Pork (or NHIIAFUCP, which ironically is exactly what I would cry out every time I painfully swallowed anything). 

Thanks to NHIIAFUCP and the evil which resulted from it, I couldn't really eat much of anything for a couple of weeks. There were probably 3 weeks where the most I could eat was a small bowl of pureed food (blended chicken, broccoli and rice, though tasty, gets old pretty fast). In addition, I had to be hospitalized for a few days, so that I could be on a constant IV drip, while I fasted. After two weeks of eating very little, I had to fast completely for 4 days. 

Anyway, I'm doing much better now.  I've been on medication for nearly a month, and I can now eat just about anything I want without pain. I'm still limiting my diet to mostly foods and beverages that will not create excess acid in my stomach, because heartburn is a beast I don't want to have to go up against, right now. 

During my foray with foodlessness, and in these weeks of recovery after, I've thought of a few lessons God may want me to take note of for the future. 

1) I need to be more thankful.  Well, duh.  Really though, I usually give thanks for my food, and I would normally consider myself a thankful person. However, through this experience, I realized that there are many things I take completely for granted. Take coffee, for example. Coffee is ubiquitous. Coffee is consumed by nearly every people group, in almost every country of the world. Everyone drinks coffee (except old school Mormons). I have learned that I need to be thankful for even those things that are universal and I take for granted.  "Please know that we are truly grateful, For every cup and every plateful." 

2) The very fact that I can eat...and that without pain - is grace. I need to be cognizant of this. Always. 

3) Since all my food is from God's hand...and the very fact that I can eat, I must assume that he gives it to me for a reason. Yes, because He loves me. Yes, because He likes for His children to have joy. More-so, however, so that I may use the strength I gain from the food He's provided, to glorify and serve Him with my life. 

So, what about you? 
Are you truly grateful for every cup and every plateful? Or do you take things like coffee and rice for granted? 
And how are you using the strength in your body that the Lord has graciously provided you with?

Soli Deo Gloria

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