Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Quotable: Caring For The Poor as Worship

"Caring for the poor is...a response to the unmerited favor God has shown to us. The Israelites were to care for the sojourners among them because they had sojourned in Egypt. We care for the poor because we too have been on the receiving end of grace. We were the poor in spirit, lost and without hope, separated from God and enslaved to sin. Had God not given us his Son, we would be in bondage still.

The same grace that frees us from guilt and shame, that sustains us in difficulty, and that enables us to consider others as more important than ourselves---this is the grace that motivates and empowers us to care for the poor.

When grace is our motivator, caring for the poor is transformed from an obligation to an act of worship."

- Aaron Armstrong
From a blog, originally posted at The Gospel Coalition

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