Thursday, February 23, 2012

Passing The Peace

As I sit and sip my second cup of tea, the sun shines warmly, on what may be the first Spring day of the season. I realize that the season doesn't actually begin for a while yet. However, buds are starting to burst from their branches, children are starting to linger in the streets as they walk to and from school and scarves and sweaters (while still quite fashionable) are no longer necessary...except of course inside my workplace, where they refuse to use the heat for more than 2 hours a day...but I'm not bitter.

Ferial and I are coming closer and closer to what might be called decisions about direction, and this morning she asked me if I felt peace about what we've been thinking lately.

I had a professor in college who said that "peace" as we usually mean it in Christian circles - an abstract feeling of warmth and assurance - might not be quite biblical. It may be useful, but perhaps a more appropriate rendering might be the idea of not being at war. The Bible says that followers of Jesus have peace with God. Meaning, we are not at war with God anymore. Before we put our trust in Christ, we were. We were lame and losing soldiers in Lucifer's legion. No longer. We have been reconciled. Long ago, our Adamic ancestors rebelled...and we inherited the fruit of that rebellion - enmity. Praise be to Christ, who tore down the wall of hostility between us and God...

And so I have peace with God...

I have peace, in the more abstract sense, too. I feel pretty good about what we've been thinking lately. I will let you in on it more later, but I do feel peace. Especially this sweet Spring(like) morning. Vanilla rooibos tickling my tongue, a warm breeze coming in through the window, the cat purring softly nearby.

Life is pretty good.

This is my last freeFriday before the new semester starts in March, and I'm going to try and take full advantage of it. I will spend the day writing, reading and relaxing. On days like this, I tend to skip lunch, because preparing and actually eating takes time away from precious productivity.  Ferial and I spent the morning Skyping with family, reading our Lenten devotional, praying and eating together.

It was really nice...

And peaceful. 


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