Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Reason to Sing

I love music. 

It's difficult to even put into words. 

The best I can do is to say, "I love music" and hope that you will take the time to explore the length and breadth of all that phrase might mean. 

And don't forget this rendering while you explore: "I love; music."
Meaning, "I love. Therefore, music." 
Behold! Music! It's the natural outflowing of my love! My love is best expressed in, by and through music! 

It's always been this way. I connect best with music. I express myself best through music. I think musically. Nearly everything reminds me of music. I whistle habitually. I can't stop. I pound and tap rhythms with anything and everything my hands, feet and mouth comes into contact with. I kiss on beat. I cough in time. If I am doing something with music on in the background, I do it in rhythm and with varying vigor depending on the tempo, timing, cadence and dynamic of the music. 


So, perhaps you can understand, at least a bit, that I become genuinely depressed at the realization that I'm not better at it. I'm a decent drummer, but my beats are repetitive, and I have a hard time with off-beats. I'm a passable singer and while my voice has nice tone, I'm a bit pitchy and I have a lot of trouble with harmonies. I can find my way around the keys on a piano and the frets on a bass, but it's no more than dabbling. 

However, I want more. I thirst for it. I was in a band for a couple of years in college, and I couldn't get enough. Even now, I look for opportunities everywhere I go. Whenever we make new [musician]friends, I ponder whether or not we could form a band with them. 

It's a worship experience for me. Music is worship. It's so tragic that music has been so twisted by the enemy that now, using music to worship the One true God is such a small niche of the music industry. One of the reasons The reason I love music is because I love Jesus. Music draws me nearer to God. In the Chronicles of Narnia, C.S. Lewis writes a description of Aslan (God) creating the world. Everything is dark and silent and out of the silence, he begins to sing a song which begins without words and hardly a tune, and yet it was, beyond comparison the most beautiful noise you'd ever beautiful you could hardly bear it. Lewis imagines God singing the world into existence. 

In the past 75 years or so, Christian music has been made with increasing frequency and decreasing quality. Historically, Christians produced some of the best art society has known. However, in our century, Christian music has usually been sad attempts at mimicry. There have been shining lights, beacons of true inspiration and creativity, counter-movements that threw off the burden of record sales and bookstore acceptance, to just make art - creative, original, beautiful, glorious art...but they've been rare.

In the past few years, however, as music production has become easier, less expensive and more convenient, we have begun to see a new trend in Christian music. We are seeing Christian musicians actually setting trends, breaking ground, making art of the highest calibre. The names of a few artists come to mind immediately.

Jon Foreman, of the rock band Switchfoot. Look into his solo work. It's fantastic. 

Gungor. I can't even begin to describe the ground they're breaking. Their two most recent albums are life changing. 

Recent Grammy Award winners, The Civil Wars, are making fantastic folk / blue grass music with a very modern and earthy feel. 

All Sons and Daughters, are a pair of worship leaders out of Tennessee with a passion to make beautiful, worshipful music...and it is just that. 

Jenny and Tyler, Shai Linne, Sufjan Stevens, Propaganda, MuteMath, Audrey Assad,
 Five Iron Frenzy [with their record breaking come-back], Adam Young [aka, Owl City], 
and Dan Haseltine [of Jars of Clay], just to name a few.

These artists and musicians inspire me in more ways than I can recount. They make me want to be a better Christian, a better musician and a better person.  

And so, I will continue to make music, to live in it, to breathe it, allowing it to change me, move me, inspire me and counsel me. I will endeavor to create, inspire and produce music at as high a quality I'm capable of. I will keep seeking out opportunities to grow, sing, praise and play...
I have so many reasons to sing.

So....anybody wanna start a band?



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