Monday, April 23, 2012

Grown Up Decisions

My friend Mike broke his iPad yesterday. I don't exactly know how it happened. It could have been that a rogue mammoth plowed through the county fairgrounds where he and his family were picnicking and stepped right on his Timbuk2, rendering his Invisible Shield, protective case, neoprene sleeve and the ballistic nylon those trendy bags of glory are constructed of - completely useless.  

However, I highly doubt it. 

It's probably more likely that his buddy, Dale, asked to play Fruit Ninja on the thing, just after eating some corn on the cob and the iPad slipped right through his thick buttery fingers. 

Either way, in my slightly twisted psyche, I'm almost glad it happened to him...

See, I'm not jealous of him anymore. That statement betrays the fact that I am a horrible person, but it's also true. I didn't even realize I was jealous of his iPad until I saw his picture on Instagram. I felt this tight little something in my heart totally loosen up...I was coveting his iPad. 

Now, I just need to figure out what to do about all the other friends whose iPads I covet...

Funny thing is, my wife told me almost a year ago that she would be fine with me buying an iPad. She gave me her blessing and told me to go ahead. I could make good use of it, for both personal use, and I believe for ministry. We could afford it. However, I held off. Something inside me was just sure that I shouldn't be buying it. Then (not forever) it came down to that we just didn't need it. 

We can afford it now, too...And to be completely honest, now would be a very good time to do so. We're going on vacation in about a month and it would be really nice to take an iPad with us, because we don't want to take a laptop. What's more, one of our laptops is dying. 

We became a two laptop family about a year ago, and got a great deal on a MacBook Pro. Now, though, Ferial's laptop (the older one) is dying. We've put 4 years of hard international use into it. It's been good to us, but it's fading. It wouldn't make much sense to just have it repaired, because the hardware is also in need of an upgrade. Ferial is becoming a fantastic graphic designer. She's still a beginner, but her skills are growing more an more every day. She's already been paid for graphic design work, and built more than a dozen custom blog layouts. That being the case, we've decided recently that she needs to start using the MacBook Pro as her primary machine for design. So, it would make sense to get an iPad that I could use for blogging, net surfing, reading and whatever else it is that I do...

I'm not going to though. It makes sense, but I'm not going to. 

It makes more sense to me to not do it, right now. You see, we finalized our decision, recently to move back across the world to California at the end of the summer. This means that the end of steady income is in sight. As of September, we won't be gettin' paid no mo'. I want very much to go into full-time ministry of some sort. I believe that God has built and equipped me in ways that would lend very well to a vocation of that sort. I might even go so far as to use the phrase calling

So, now, with the number of paychecks I can expect to receive in the near future limited, and a desire to find a job which may not pay very well, in addition to a willingness to wait for that job if necessary, what I spend my money on feels as if it bears more weight than it did six months ago...

Would it be wrong for me to get an iPad?              Probably not.
Can I afford it?                 Yes.
Would I make good use of it?                  Very much so.
Is it something I'm willing to do without for the sake of the Kingdom, believing that God may be providing, now, for our new life in California, preparing me to enter into ministry and teaching me to sacrifice for what matters most?                         Absolutely. 

I'm making grown up decisions.

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