Monday, April 2, 2012

Symptoms of Spring [Fever]

April has arrived in Korea. She's brought with her the showers she's so famous for, and in response buds and blossoms are bursting from beneath the barken skins of bushes and branches along every sidewalk, parking lot, lane, road and alley. Every year, it's as if God flips a switch and suddenly the temperature rises an immediate 5 degrees centigrade, the air is flooded with humidity and the rains begin. It's almost shocking. In California, seasons have more of a transition to them, but here - one week you're wearing wool and the next you're dodging monsoons. At least it seems so to me.

One thing I am incredibly excited about right now is the prospect of being out of doors for extended periods of time. I'm not typically an outdoorsman in the traditional sense of the term. However, after a long winter of layers and scarves, my skin, heart and mind pine for sunshine, green grass and flowers. The smell of rain fills the air, humidity kisses your skin and for the briefest of fortnights, it's comfortable enough to play outside for long hours with Frisbees, guitars, blankets and badminton.

We look forward to the transitional seasons every year, and soon whether the ground is quite dry from the storms or not, we'll take to the parks in full force, set to soak up the sun and bask barefoot in the blades of green grass. We'll make our ways to zoos and arboretums, with backpacks full of snacks and our hearts full of hope for what newness might be birthed in our hearts and lives, even as it's birthed on the hillsides and horizons. 

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