Monday, June 4, 2012

The Jog Log - entry #2

Things aren't going so well this week.

I didn't jog at all, while in Bali. That's not to say I didn't exercise. I just didn't do it with the purpose of working out, in mind. Actually, I made fun of people who were jogging. Healthy, fit, attractive people, who were not just exercising their bodies, but their discipline, as well. They were in an island paradise, surrounded by loads of good food, beautiful beaches and luxurious beds...and they were jogging. In truth, I respect them. I envy them, not only because they have the will to get up and do it, but because I also assume that if they're doing that in such as place as this, they must actually like doing it...and I'm just baffled by that.

I don't understand liking it. I like the feeling of having just exercised for a while, but I prefer the exercise be some kind of group activity, like Ultimate Frisbee, or Monopoly. I also prefer my couch, my iPad and an all-you-can-eat buffet...I don't understand people who like running.

I'm having a bit of trouble getting the ball rolling now that I'm back home. Sleeping between the snooze just feels so good. I've been back for two cool mornings now, and haven't run yet. I can't blame it on jetlag either. Bali is only an hour off our time zone...

I can tell you what will motivate me to get up, though...all those shirtless pictures of me from Bali...

And those shorts.

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