Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Loving The Last

These days, I find myself experiencing a lot of lasts.

For example, today we opened the last bag of cat food we'll ever have to buy in Korea.

Monumental, right?

To you, that may sound simple enough, and you're right. The last bag of Royal Canin, Indoor 27 really isn't very significant, but soon and very soon, bags of cat food will give way to final visits to favorite places, which will soon lead to last classes, then last visits with friends, the last week, the last day, the last night, the last turn of the key on our way out the door, bags and cat in hand.

My wife just posted the first countdown on her blog.


We have a dear friend who is dreading the thought of our leaving. She avoids the subject whenever possible, stopping just short of inserting her fingers into her ears and loudly droning "Lalalalalalalalalala....I can't hear you...lalalalalala..." She's nearly done it once or twice...you can always see the hint of a glimmer in the eyes of a person just about to forcibly end a conversation in a manner reminiscent of Stephanie Tanner. Watch for it...you'll see it too.

Truth be told, it would be really easy for me to do the same thing, to stick my proverbial fingers in my metaphorical ears and ignore the lasts as they pass, maintaining the status quo in an attempt to stave off the pain involved in truly feeling, truly knowing, truly experiencing every last last.

I don't mean to impugn my friend. She is a wonderful person, whom we will miss very much. She's coping. We all do it in different ways. Some of us eat. Some of us deny. I tend to tell contextually inappropriate jokes...don't invite me to a funeral.

Personally, I hope to take note of all these little lasts. These final days in Korea will probably be some of the easiest to recall. I want to live them well. I want to embrace every last bag of cat food, every last drop of humidity, the last fill-up at the gas station, the last visit to each restaurant, the last hug of every friend, the last meals we share, the last times we pray together, worship together, cry together, laugh together.





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