Sunday, August 5, 2012

10,000 ThankYous!

Today, my blog has reached a milestone.

10,000 pageviews!

King SeJong is happy for me!

I know this isn't a massive number. I know that these are paltry stats compared to other bloggers. My wife has 3 times as many pageviews on her blog. Some blogs get that many in a day. 

But for me, this is a lot. In the past year, I've written 89 posts for this blog. The first, written almost exactly one year ago, was a short criticism questioning how much Disney's Sebastian actually knows about life under the sea. I thought it was quite humorous. However, it wasn't as well received as I would have hoped. This seems to be a truism with blogs, the one you think is going to be a smash hit, isn't...and the one you don't think will do well, skyrockets. One of my favorite posts, was my story about Jacky, the orcrangutan, who was raised up in the very heart of Mordor, before finding a new home at the Bali Zoo.

In honor of this momentous occasion, I wanted to post links and a short summary of my 5 most popular posts to date. Technically, there will be six, since there's a tie for fourth between two posts. 

In position number 5, I give you a blog inspired by a cute stray kitten in my neighborhood. One morning, I spent a few minutes staring at him, and the rest of the afternoon reflecting on my mother's care for strays, how she inspired me to care for the "least of these", and the grace of Jesus in which all strays are invited to dwell. 

Tied for fourth, are two very different blogs. One is simply a chronicle of a lovely weekend my wife and I shared in Seoul, walking along the river, eating Mexican food and hanging out in a small, fantastic Jazz club. The other is a challenge for me and for you, about living in the world, not of the world and yet, not quite blending in with the world. It's about camouflage. 

Third place belongs to my midnight musings on the significance of Easter in my own heart. Literally typed out in the middle of the night, this blog was written as both a confession and a commitment. 

In second place, is a very vulnerable post, in which I discussed my wife's desire to be a mommy, my fears about whether we're ready or not, mingled with my fears about being a feeble old father. I say at one point that it gives a whole new meaning to the phrase Dear Old Dad.

Last, but far from least, with more than double the pageviews of any other post I've written, is a blog I called They Just Walked By. This one's a tear account of the tragedy that shocked the world, when in China, a little girl was hit by a car, left for dead, and ignored by eighteen different passersby. I then went on to assert that you and I do the same thing every day, when we ignore the hurting, helpless men, women, boys and girls of the world, who will die without our assistance. They will die, as we just pass you can imagine, this blog was close to my heart, and filled with passion. It was very well received by my readers, and I was told by a number of people that it was heart-breaking and challenging. That was good to hear.

I'm not nearly finished either. Recently, my wife and I were discussing whether blogging is narcissistic or not. I argued that my blog wasn't all about me. Sure, it is about me, to a certain extent, but I want it to be about my life, the lessons I'm learning, and ultimately about Jesus. I believe that there are those out there who might benefit from some of the things I have to say, from some of the lessons I am learning. I don't think this narcissistic pride. Quite the contrary, I actually think that it would be a form of nihilism if I didn't post some of these thoughts, communicating the idea that my life doesn't actually matter, that it doesn't matter if I share these things, and that it won't matter to you...

I hope it does, though. I hope what I have to say matters to you. I hope it helps you. I hope that you find humor, inspiration, encouragement and hope in my anecdotes and exhortations. Much more so, I hope you find Jesus. I hope you find him hiding in my words. I hope you see him leading me, guiding me, teaching me and reaching out to you in love.

And so, as my blog has been seen ten thousand times, mostly by real humans and a few times by robots, I would like to say thank you. Thank you for reading. Thank you for commenting. Thank you for coming back.


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