Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I spent the morning moving sofas into my apartment with the help of a couple of friends.

After dropping them back off at their respective destinations, I was hungry. So I decided to swing by Subway (it's hard having one so close to my apartment) and grab a six-inch sub.

I ordered my sub of glory - Spicy Italian on Italian Herbs and Cheese, with provolone, lettuce, spinach,  tomato, bacon, dijon, oil&vinegar, salt&pepper, and parmesan cheese (fresh avocado is optional, and today I opted out).

It's a spicy, salty sandwich, so bubbles go quite well with it. Having just heard the sandwich artist tell the customer ahead of me that the soda fountain didn't produce ice, I walked over to the fridge to grab a bottle of Coke. I hesitated, slightly, asking the clerk how much a bottle would cost me.

"forty cents," she replied, in a thick Indian accent.

My brain nearly fell out of the back of my head. I needed confirmation of what I just heard.

"forty cents??" I asked.

"Jaeyss" came the reply.

I seriously considered buying fifteen of them. At $.40 a pop (pun-tended), they're practically giving them away. I restrained myself, grabbing just the one. As she was ringing me up, I asked her how in the world they did that.

With her fingers tapping away at the cash register, she said, "forty cents more than the fountain drink." She tapped the disposable cups in front of me, and said "$6.29 is your total." And before I'd had time to think of how to reply, the transaction was complete, and I had just paid $1.90 for a bottle of soda I thought was only going to cost me "forty cents".

Well played, Punjabi Sandwich Artist...Well played.

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