Monday, April 8, 2013

In it to END IT

Pop quiz:

In what year did slavery end?

Trick question...

It never did...

This is a shocking reality. Human trafficking and slavery are alive and thriving all across the globe. Let me share with you some of the FACTS:

~ There are 27 million slaves currently in bondage worldwide. 
~ Every 30 seconds someone becomes a victim of human trafficking
~ Human trafficking has become the second fastest growing criminal industry in the world.
~ It's a $32 Billion / year industry
~ Only 1-2% of all trafficking victims are ever rescued
~ and only 1 in every 100,000 traffickers are ever convicted
~ At least 4 million of those trafficked every year are sold into the sex trade
~ 98% of those are women and girls
~ The average age of trafficking victims is 12 years old
~ In fact, every minute 2 more children are sold into slavery
~ That's more than 1.2 MILLION children every year
~ Even in the US: 100,000 children are forcibly engaged in prostitution and pornography annually

This heinous industry must be stopped. These crimes must be put to an end. Justice must be done. So, what can you do about it? 

X = Support Organizations already involved in the fight
(A21, Love146, Courage Worldwide, The End It Movement)
(all my stats from above were pulled from these websites)
X = Volunteer wherever possible
(churches, soup kitchens, homeless shelters, rehab facilities, orphanages, youth drop-in centers)
X = Train in fields that can help in the fight
(Law, Medicine, Social Work, International Relations, Pastoral and Christian Ministry)
X = Stop looking at and watching porn! 
(The porn industry is not only one avenue through which victims are trafficked, it fuels the demand. Remember economics class, where there is demand, someone will supply. Even if it's free, every vid you watch and image you click is money in the pockets of the advertisers who support those sites.)
X = Commit to raising awareness
(write blogs, talk to friends, share videos)
X = Pray

Human trafficking and slavery are vile acts being perpetrated right now, even in our own back yards. Women, men, boys and girls are enslaved in forced labor, the sex trade, indentured servitude, and as soldiers. 
At the core, however, none of those industries are the real problem. 
Sin is.
And everyone is in slavery to sin. 
The only way to gain our freedom from it, is found in Christ. 
If you're a Christian, then praise God for your freedom... and pray for the freedom of others. 
Pray for the freedom of the victims of human trafficking. 
Pray for the perpetrators of those crimes - the parents, pimps, madames, and Johns.
Pray for those addicted to pornography... and the pornographers.
Pray for them, that they might find freedom from their slavery to sin, one and all. 

That's true justice. 

Today, April 9th, is Shine A Light on Slavery Day. 

I'm in it to END IT. 

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