Tuesday, July 23, 2013


The Lord said that "a tree is known by its fruit."
If that be true, then what kind of tree am I?
An inconsistent tree, sometimes bearing fruit
and sometimes barren?
A tree full of impure thoughts and anger, producing fruit rotten from the bud?
A cruel tree surrounded by briars and covered by thorns,
with poisonous sap and bitter fruit?
A weak tree, bent and blown by the wind?
A listless tree, with shallow and unbalanced roots?

One thing be true.
If a tree is known by its fruit, then I must be a grace tree.
For all of those darknesses influence my life, but through the Savior,
the miraculous harvest is grace.
Not that I am gracious,
but that I am soaked in it,
saturated to the depths with it,
in constant need of it.

And He provides it.

If a tree is known by its fruit,
then His be a tree
of mercy
of grace
of hope
of forgiveness
of peace

And I throw myself at the foot of His tree, in desperate need of it all.

To taste the fruit from the tree of life: His life in me and I in He.

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